My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time in the beautiful coastal town of Mendocino. Since Mendocino is pretty far up north, my boyfriend suggested we should head to the redwoods for the day before we make our way back home. So we made a day out of it!

I was so excited to explore the town of Mendocino. Our first stop was breakfast at the Maccullum House. We enjoyed our breakfast along their amazing front porch. My boyfriend got his traditional eggs and bacon while I decided to switch it up and try out their breakfast burrito. And seriously, if you ever make your way here for brunch, get the breakfast burrito.


I’ve always known how blessed I am to live in California. That’s why my whole life I’ve tried my best to explore everything this glorious state has to offer. I have throughly explored the beaches of Southern California during my college years and more of the central coast recently, but have yet to thoroughly explore the coast of Northern California.


Today is the first day of spring! I’m so excited because now I could finally bring out the warm weather tops, shorts and dresses. I got this cute bell sleeve top from Lulu’s earlier this year, but it hasn’t been warm enough to wear it around town…until now!


Two weekends ago I decided to take the plunge and put some real color in my hair. My girl did such an amazing job. She used Guy Tang’s new Mydentity line and the results were phenomenal. The formula she used was a mix of rose gold and a hint of lavender.


The sun finally made an appearance and it was actually warm enough to be out and about this past weekend. I haven’t been able to take Darla out since it rained and rained for the last few weeks. She has been cooped up at home. We finally caught a break from all the rain so I packed her ball and her dog food…

If you haven’t noticed from all the red and pink everywhere, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Me and my boyfriend have already “celebrated” the occasion, meaning we just had dinner at our favorite restaurant recently. We are not big on celebrating the holiday. We feel that everyday is a celebration when you are both alive and in good health that you should celebrate each other on a regular basis!

This year I have been doing my best with getting a solid routine down in the morning so I can move forward with my day efficiently. Since I am a freelancer, I often work from home. However, each day is different. I could be waking up as early as 5 am or I could be “sleeping in” until 7:30 am. No matter what time I get up, my morning routine is constant.

One of the questions I get asked the most is on how I curl my hair. Lately I have been achieving my signature curls with the T3 Whirl Trio. This is by far the holy grail of all curling irons. You will fall in love with their interchangeable barrels.

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and the past weekend. I’m very excited to start another new year. There is always something refreshing about beginnings. And with every new year, we should always strive to make changes for the better.