Beyond Basic Blog About Meghan KaraanBeyond Basic is a destination for women and girls to draw inspiration through my fashion and travel posts. Mainly based in Napa Valley and San Francisco Bay Area, it highlights locations from all around the world. Beyond Basic aims to be a source for ideas that you can bring into your everyday life.

I started Beyond Basic in 2015 to document my outfits while traveling or just out and about doing the day to day. People would often approach me and ask where did I get my outfits. I even had family and friends help me style them for upcoming occasions. Since I always had a knack at web and graphic design, I figured it would be a great idea to share my personal style online.

Outside from Beyond Basic, I work in events and marketing in the city and manage my online business full-time. At the moment, Beyond Basic is my creative outlet to tell my fashion stories in beautiful locations. I am very excited the blog is gaining more attention and I am getting the chance to work with brands that I love, that I hope you love as well.

Not only will Beyond Basic showcase my personal style, but I want to share bits and pieces from my life at home and what’s going on in my real life as well. I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I love creating it!