Summer Time + 12 Things

A lot has happened since spring’s 12 things, so today’s post will be a pretty good update on what’s going on. It’s finally the first day of summer, but really it has been feeling like summer for quite some time. Warmer weather always means more sun dresses to wear. And I have a closet full of the for the season! I recently scored this sweet little number from…

Secret Garden

The other morning I went out for brunch with my fiancé and parents. Afterwards, I wasn’t ready to go home so I decided to share with my fiancé one of my favorite spots in the east bay. I go to this garden to get away from the noise and gather my thoughts for inspiration. It is like my little sanctuary outside of the busy city. I love it here!

Romp Around

I have been busy the past couple of weeks that I haven’t had the opportunity to share this romper I got while I was in Vegas for work. I ran into a friend there and she suggested we go out for the evening. When I’m traveling for business, rarely do I go out because 1) I’m exhausted and 2) I want to be rested and focused for the next day.

White Dresses for Spring

Now that it’s May, I have been officially engaged for entire month. Which is insane! I am still getting used to saying “fiance”. I actually call him my boyfriend at times because saying fiance out loud sounds a bit pretentious to me (I know, I need to get over this). Also wearing a ring on my left hand is strange especially for a person who doesn’t wear a lot of accessories. However, I never get tired of looking at my ring. I’m obsessed with it. No shame in that right?

Heritage House Resort

I’ve always known how blessed I am to live in California. That’s why my whole life I’ve tried my best to explore everything this glorious state has to offer. I have throughly explored the beaches of Southern California during my college years and more of the central coast recently, but have yet to thoroughly explore the coast of Northern California.

Pretty In Pink

Two weekends ago I decided to take the plunge and put some real color in my hair. My girl did such an amazing job. She used Guy Tang’s new Mydentity line and the results were phenomenal. The formula she used was a mix of rose gold and a hint of lavender.


If you haven’t noticed from all the red and pink everywhere, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Me and my boyfriend have already “celebrated” the occasion, meaning we just had dinner at our favorite restaurant recently. We are not big on celebrating the holiday. We feel that everyday is a celebration when you are both alive and in good health that you should celebrate each other on a regular basis!

Little Black Dress

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and the past weekend. I’m very excited to start another new year. There is always something refreshing about beginnings. And with every new year, we should always strive to make changes for the better.

Christmas Traditions

Guess what? I got all my Christmas shopping done in less than 3 hours and I just finished wrapping all my presents. If you come from a big ass family, you know this is an accomplishment. So this calls for a drink! Cheers!

The Landsby

I have probably gone down highway 101 plenty of times and passed by Solvang, completely unaware of one of California’s gems. One of my Southern California friends mentioned how she was dying to visit the Danish town in California. I had no idea what she was talking about so I had to look it up … Continue Reading