Summer Prints

The summer heat has definitely been coming out full force this year. I’m so glad that it’s finally time to bring out those summer dresses and short shorts. These past few weeks have been nothing but long summer days so I decided to get some use out of this new picnic basket and went out for an afternoon in the sun. I headed … Continue Reading

Roman Holiday

After traveling around Italy, our last stop was this relaxing spa resort called QC Termeroma. We had an early flight and wanted to stay close to Fiumicino so we could sleep in and not have any worries about a heavy commute to the airport. The resort was nothing short of spectacular. I wish I could have spent … Continue Reading

Venice, Italy

Venice easily draws you in with it’s colorful buildings and charming waterways. I still have dreams of walking around it’s romantic canals. In typical Venice fashion, I wore stripes. You may think, “that’s pretty basic of you, Miss Beyond Basic.” Well, sure…but I didn’t find anything else fitting and I already had this number in my closet. … Continue Reading

Positano, Italy

While this may be the second time I have been to Italy, this is definitely the first time I have gone to the Positano. I have this travel bucket list on my Pinterest and Positano has been one of the top of places to go. So words cannot express the excitement I had when I was … Continue Reading

When In Rome

A few years ago I was tossing my coin into the Trevi Fountain in hopes that one day I would return to Rome. I definitely got my wish and I was back in Italy for a few weeks in May. In the upcoming weeks, I will be sharing my adventures in Italy. This week I will be … Continue Reading

Turquoise Bike

So one of my favorite things I’ve done all summer was riding bicycles with my boyfriend. Often times, we would take off on our bikes to his parents house for dinner and drinks. I loved biking so much that sometime in middle of July, I fell off my bicycle. This happened standing which is rather embarrassing. I … Continue Reading

What Not to Wear

So on my last post I wore white, but it’s not because I am trying to wear as much white before the summer ends. I have never followed the no white after Labor day rule. If I did adhere to the rule, I wouldn’t be able to wear about 75% of what’s in the closet. White is … Continue Reading

Pop of Pink

Well I’m spent. MAGIC should be renamed to “madness”. I went to Vegas not once, but twice this month which was an overkill. I really enjoyed checking out a lot of the new and emerging brands coming into the market. It was a great experience and I am glad I got to go. So I went … Continue Reading

Beauty and the Beast

My brother got married a few weeks ago and I had the pleasure of going to city hall for the first time ever. It’s an amazingly gorgeous building. Once you walk through the navy and gold glass doors, you step inside something truly spectacular. If you’re a local and have never gone in, take the … Continue Reading